Greetings! My name is Alex Pelayre, and I am a concept and illustration artist currently residing in Seattle, WA. I attended school at the Art Institute of Seattle and graduated with honors in 2009. From there, I got my first industry job at Flying Lab Software where I contributed to titles such as “Pirates of the Burning Sea,” and “Bakugan: Dimensions,” among many other proposed projects. I also joined Gas Powered Games for a short time as a concept artist where I designed characters, vehicles and icons for their hit game “Age of Empires: Online.” I then shifted my focus towards indie games and joined start-up company Massively Fun. There, I contributed concepts, in-game assets and illustrations for the HTML5 game“Catan World,” as well as the Leap Motion supported game “Fast Iron.”

On my free time, I enjoy improving my craft, as well as working on personal art projects. I also enjoy the occasional console/PC gaming and getting together with friends or co-workers to play board games. Aside from games, comic books are a big part of my life. Not only am I an active follower and reader of comic books, but I hope to someday self-publish a graphic novel of my own.

I enjoy working with and being surrounded by fun, like-minded and creative people, as I believe spending time and sharing experiences with people of this nature helps to promote inspiration, motivation and creativity in all of us.