Thursday, November 15, 2012

I want to go to there

Last night I was watching PBS and they were doing a special on the best sites to see in Canada. I don't know of too many awesome places in Canada, other than the Thousand Islands, which I guess we own half of, but still.. REALLY want to go there... BUT, what really caught my attention, despite all the crazy awesome beaches, towns, etc, was Habitat 67. Look at this place and tell me you don't want to live there.

These are apartments, apparently. I've seen some crazy living spaces from all corners of the world, which I thought were interesting, but never pictured myself living there and enjoying it. This, however... I just really think it would be awesome. It's visually appealing on it's own, and I'm sure it presents even better eye candy throughout the day, all days of the year. Those cast shadows, those colors.. I don't usually go crazy for architecture, especially those insanely designed, but this.. this is brilliant.

On a whole, last nights program made me want to explore Canada. Hell, I'd just like to explore, period. Go traveling or something... The farthest I've traveled in the states was Texas. It just seems like maybe I should go traveling the rest of the country before I start country hopping. At least visit the east coast...

A vacation far far away sure does sound nice.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Something to reflect on

Watch this. Cry. Go enjoy life.